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Originally, Dandylion Records was a retail store in Seattle in the 80's co-owned by myself (Geff Ratcheson) & my father. ( I also used the
name for a single I released in the late 70's). At the beginning of 1998
(finally accepting that the income from playing top 40 is really
dreadful!), I went back to school for a second degree as a computer
network tech. Needing some kind of an income & observing e-commerce on
the usenet, I tried selling a few items from my collection, & it took
off from there! The response to Dandylion throughout the course of 1998
exceeded all of my expectations. I finally dropped out of School in
November of 1998 to devote all my time to the business. Through 2000, we expanded to a level way beyond our expectations (& sanity!). Unfortunately since spring of 2001 the economy has brought a significant downturn in our business, but with your support we plan to stick around for awhile & keep providing you great music at affordable prices!

Our focus has always been a combination of affordably priced cd's along
with some collectible's. In the last couple years we've also added a selection of European cd's that are hard to find here in the US. While these are bit more expensive then the music we've traditionally carried, they're still quite a bit cheaper then what most "brick & mortar" stores charge for the same cd's! As a music lover & collector, I've spent many hours hunting down non-US cd's that I
really wanted, but I normally had to pay $22-$30 for them! We're able to
keep most of our UK cd's well below $20, even after importing them into
the US; so we're still able to offer you an exceptional value! And when
I mention in the introduction to a newsletter that I'm excited about
that week's collection - I really mean it! As a collector myself, I
really enjoy "the thrill of the chase" (As Deep Purple would say!!).

What our subscribers receive each week in the newsletter is a list of
everything new we've gotten in since the last issue. if you notice some
of the same titles frequently, it's because we sold out of that title &
got it back in. We've also got around 3,000 titles available on our
website & ebay! We're hoping to be able to add a full checkout for
instant purchase & full descriptions to the website before the year is



                        Original Artwork By John Ohannesian 1982

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