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Dandylion Records Collectable Films December 2017 Movie List

December 3rd 2017

To order, please reply to this email. Welcome to the long ago promised, but still in plenty of time for Christmas new Dandylion Records Collectable film list. I’ve made it through approximately 2/3 of the tubs, & while I’m sorry to say I don’t have nearly as many new titles as expected, there are 38 new titles, + a whopping 570 additional titles that I believe are out of print & out of copyright. And we still have some of the best prices for collectable films on the web; there has been no increase ever in pre s ...Continue Reading

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This is a monthly list with our new & sale items, and an occasional complete inventory or sale listing.

Dandylion Records CD Pulls From Geff's Collection Sale #2 + A Few New Titles

January 12th 2018

To order, please just reply to this email. If for any reason you don't hear back within 24 hours an alternate email address for us is Hope this year's Winter weather hasn't been too weird for you! We've been pretty fortunate in Western Wa state, it's been pretty "normal" for us; if anything a bit better than normal. While this list is another small pull from my personal collection; + 4 new titles, their are still over 500 titles left on our liquidation sale; below are links to our ...Continue Reading