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To order, please just reply to this email. If for any reason you don't hear back within 24 hours an alternate email address for us is dandylionrecords@gmail.com.

Welcome to the fifth of the promised blow out sale lists! This is mostly newly received stock that I'm offering at liquidation prices. These are not "A" titles, but the prices are great, & include lots of brand new factory sealed dvd box sets, most at $3.00 each!

My plan (lol) is the next list will either be classical music CD's or S-Z CD's of all other genres.

The USPS has announced there first round of 2017 increases. The good news is our shipping rates will not be going up. The bad news is all USA orders over 3 ounces will now be shipping by media mail unless you wish to pay a significant increase.

As I write this I am in negotiations to sell our ebay business & most of the remaining stock from the previous sale lists. All remaining stock is still available here:

CD A-D http://www.dandylionrecords.com/newsletter.htm

CD E-I http://www.dandylionrecords.com/newsletterlast.htm

CD J-M http://www.dandylionrecords.com/J_M__CD_Sale.htm

CD N-R http://www.dandylionrecords.com/N_R__CD_Sale.htm

Whatever the status of the sale at the time this goes out to you I promise I will keep the lists on the site up to date so you will not be wasting your time if you choose to browse!

Our collectable film section is not going away; they can be viewed here: http://www.dandylionrecords.com/films.htm

Items are used & US issue unless stated otherwise (New items will say "Sealed"). For this list, we only have 1 of most titles.

To order, please email me your selections, & I'll send you back a total & a link to pay. I can also still run your card for you if you wish.

If you live local to Tacoma, Wa, you are welcome to come pick up your order in person at no charge.

USA Shipping is $4.00 for the 1st pound, & $1 per each additional pound 

Thanks, & I hope you find some great bargains! __________________________________________________________________________________ 

In This issue:



VHS Videos 



I apologize for the poor descriptions of the blu-rays; my eyesight is no longer good enough to read the small print, & I am unfamiliar with most of these titles.

*** Australia Blu-ray - Nichole Kidman Drama. Played once. 20th Century 30061. $3.99

*** Bubble (Sealed Blu-ray) - Out of print Soderbergh film. Magnolia 876964000468. $5.99

*** Casino Jack (Sealed blu-ray) - This appears to be be an action comedy with Kevin Spacey & Jon Lovitz. 20th Century. $3.00

*** Cedar Rapids (Sealed blu-ray)- Anne Heche comedy. 20th Century. $3.00

*** Changeling (Blu-ray) - Anjelina Jolie Drama set in the '20's. Played once. Universal 05324. $3.99

*** Frida - Really excellent bio-pic of the 20th century painter stars Selma Hayak. IMPORTANT: please make sure your player's firmware can play discs with the 2011 Cinavia copyguard. Mine can't. My neighbor's player played it perfectly. It is basically new; it was only played for about 3 minutes. Really excellent bio-pic of the 20th century painter stars Selma Hayak. Recommended. Miramax 065935572534. $5.00

*** Peter Gabriel - Live in London (Open but unplayed Blu-ray) - Features DTS HD 5.1, LPCM Stereo (bit rate not specified) & lossy dolby. 23 songs: Intruder, Biko, Digging In The Dirt, Mercy Street, Red Rain, Solsbury Hill, In Your Eyes, Don't Give Up, more. Live versions of the hits with an orchestra. Much better than I expected; I bought the box set! This is a cutout. Eagle 33909. $6.00

*** A Late Quartet (Sealed Blu-ray) - Enjoyable drama about a classical music quartet & there romances. 20th Century 024543995029. $4.99

*** Meet The Spartans Unrated (Sealed blu-ray) - Action film with several bonus extras. 20th Century. $3.00

*** Midnight In Paris blu-ray - IMPORTANT: please make sure your player's firmware can play discs with the 2011 Cinavia copyguard. Mine can't. My neighbor's player played it perfectly. It is basically new; it was only played for about 3 minutes. Not only is this 2011 film Woody Allen's best in years (decades?), but imo it ranks up there with his best work: Annie Hall, Manhattan, Stardust Memories, etc. The plot is hard to briefly explain; it's a combination of his trend to pay tribute to Ingmar Bergman, comedy & time travel sci-fi. Allen does not act in this one. Highly recommended (I bought a dvd for the 2nd time when I learned I couldn't play this). Sony 38523. $4.99

*** The Rebound (Sealed blu-ray) - Catherine Zeta-Jones Romantic Comedy. 20th Century. $3.00

*** Street Kings 2: Motor City Unrated (Sealed blu-ray & DVD) - Ray Liotta action film. 20th Century. $3.00

*** Warm Bodies blu-ray - Zombie meets girl. Zombie decides not to eat girl. Zombie falls in love with girl. Is it mutual???? Digital copy & Ultraviolet are likely expired. Quebec 19068. $4.00

*** Won't Back Down (Sealed blu-ray) - Holly Hunter stars in this film. 20th Century. $3.00 __________________________________________________________________________________ 


*** 3 / Sports Century Greatest Athletes: Dale Earnhardt Jr (Sealed 2 DVD Set) - Bio pic & ESPN documentary. ESPN 38721. $3.00

*** All Of Me (Sealed DVD) - 1984 Steve Martin / Lily Tomlin comedy. Trimark 70013. $2.00

*** Beetlejuice (Sealed DVD) - Fun movie with Michael Keaton & Winona Ryder. Directed by Tim Burton. Double sided disc with your choice of wide or fullscreen. This is a cutout. Warner 116301. $4.00

*** The Best Of Bonanza (Sealed 4 dvd's) - Includes 34 episodes, + 3 "bonus" episodes of Wagon Train. Mill Creek 50564. $4.00

*** Bewitched The Film / Bewitched First 3 Episodes from the Original Series (Sealed 2 DVD Set) - Includes the Special Edition of the Nicole Kidman film & a special dvd with the 1st 3 Episodes from the original TV series. Sony 10210. $3.00

*** Bubble (Sealed DVD) - Out of print Soderbergh film. Magnolia 00207. $3.99 (3)

*** Corpse Bride DVD - Another fun collaboration between Tim Burton & Johnny Depp. Very entertaining animated ghoulish love story. Also has a documentary & more. Wide Screen. Warner 59353. $2.50 

*** East Of Eden - Sealed 2 DVD Set - Deluxe reissue of the 1955 James Dean film. Disc 1 features a 1988 remaster of the 2 hour film in widescreen. Disc 2 includes a new documentary, a "vintage" documentary, deleted scenes & more. I just watched this last night for the first time & it was quite good. Julie Harris steals the film as Abra. $26.98 list price. This is a cutout. Warner 68322. $5.99

*** Ed Wood (UK Region 2 PAL) - Very entertaining film starring Johnny Depp as the infamous b-filmaker. Also stars Sarah Jessica Parker as his girlfriend. Martin Landau makes the film with his portrayal of Bela Lugosi. For collector's this is the ONLY version that included the special feature "when Carol met Larry"; which the Wood Estate pulled before USA dvd/blu release. Please note USA/Canada residents MUST have a region free player to view this. Vista UK 8017188885997. $8.00

*** ESPN: Ultimate Nascar Volumes 1-3 (Sealed 3 DVD Set) - I can only describe V.3 due to the manner in which this is sealed. It has several features & runs over 2 hours. I assume the other 2 are similar. Genius 80336. $3.00

*** Fanny & Alexander (3 DVD + book & booklet box set) - Includes both the extended Television version & the theatrical version with a large book in a deluxe Criterion set. From my personal collection, played once. Has a $59.99 Borders price tag (the cellophane is even still on the set!) Swedish with English Subtitles. Criterion 037429197622. $24.99

*** The Ghoul - (DVD) - 1933 Karloff horror thriller is a real overlooked gem, & while it's just a LITTLE BIT behind the Mummy & Frankenstein in quality, this is an absolute must for Karloff fans & collectors; especially at this price! This is not the public domain edition from the dollar store, but the restored MGM edition. basic theme combines greedy relatives wanting to inherit a dead old man's fortune & occult horror surrounding his death (& resurrection??!). Only played once or twice, I replaced it with a UK blu-ray. MGM 88853. $5.00

*** In Old Arizona (Sealed DVD) - 1929 western with Warner Baxter & Edmund Lowe. 20th Century 81854. $4.25

*** Interview With The Vampire, I'd say this is pretty much the best USA Vampire film since Bela retired. Stars the "Coreys" (Haim & Feldman) along with Keifer Sutherland. Double sided Full & wide screen. Warner 31762. $3.99

*** The Invisible Man Season One (Sealed 5 DVD Set) - 23 episodes from the Sci-fi series; + a 2 hour pilot & a "bonus" season 2 episode. Universal 02806. $4.99

*** Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin (2 DVD Set) - This was the official video companion to the How The West Was Won CD set. Includes 1970-1979 concerts, + extras. The slip cover is a little beat up, & the discs are light-moderately scratched. Atlantic 970198. $6.50

*** Little Caesar (Sealed DVD) - Classic Eddie Robinson 1930 Gangster film. One of the best of the genre, I've come to the conclusion that EGR is the best USA actor of the first sound period, if not the entire sound period (imo, his only American male peer is silent film star Lon Chaney Sr). Also includes a featuerette, a Spencer Tracy short, a cartoon & more. This is a cutout. Warner 67215. $4.00

*** The Lost World 1925 Silent Version (DVD) - This version is from the George Eastman House, & while at 62 minutes considerably shorter than the various Shepard restorations (Image, Fox, Flicker Alley), I have seen all of the versions out there & this one has MUCH better picture quality; again the difference in quality is NOT subtle! At any rate it comes highly recommended & is long out of print! I was really quite surprised to find this, as it was oop when i got mine from a video store liquidation back in 2006. This comes in a cd sized jewelcase. This is my personal copy, & the video rental store's logo is on he label side of the dvd. Comes in a cd Jewelcase with cover art as released. Disc condition is around 7 of 10. Lumivision 98192. $4.00

*** The Lost World 1925 Silent Version (DVD) - There's a bit of an interesting story behind this. A 62 minute version was beautifully restored by Eastman House & issued on dvd several years ago by a small company called Lumivision. The Lumivision release is now out of print & very hard to find. It was a gorgeous restoration, but with the chopped up short running time it was really hard to follow the plot. This version as restored by David Shepard & released by Image adds an additional 31 minutes of footage, & the story makes much more sense. Unfortunately, Sheperd was not allowed access to the Eastman restoration, so while watchhable the picture quality on the Image is not up to the standards of the Lumivision edition. Image 0319. $4.00

*** Steve McQueen: Wanted Dead Or Alive Season 1 Volume 1 (Sealed DVD) - This doesn't state how many dvd's are included. We have 3 copies, 2 are in fat cases; one is not. 18 episodes. Studio Canal/Mill Creek 50747. $3.00 (3)

*** The Mummy (Sealed DVD) - Volume 1 in the Brandon Fraser franchise. Full Screen. Universal 20678. $2.00 

*** The Mummy Returns Collector's Edition (Sealed DVD) - Sequel to the fun Stephen Sommers (Von Helsing) remake. 2001. Full screen. Includes commentary, documentary, outtakes, more. Pretty much the same actors as the first film. Universal 21379. $2.00

*** The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor (Sealed DVD) - 2008 3rd film in the Brandon Fraser franchise with lots of extras. Full screen. Universal 61104870. $2.00

*** The Natural (DVD) - Baseball movie stars Robert Redford, Kim Bassinger, & Glenn Close. Widescreen. Includes 8 new featurettes. Played once. Columbia 18408. $3.99

*** Ocean's Eleven (Sealed DVD) - 2001 George Clooney thriller in widescreen. Warner 16320. $2.50

*** Petrified Forest (DVD) - The classic 1936 film that while not his first, was really the film that launched Humphrey Bogart's career. The story goes that Bogart starred in the play with leslie Howard & when Warner signed Howard for the film he demanded that Bogart come with as a package deal to play the role of Duke Mantee. Add Bette Davis & the rest is history! For fans of Bogart, Davis & classic film in general, this one is essential. Includes a featuerette, a cartoon, commentary & more. Warner 65226. $4.50

*** Point Pleasant (3 DVD Set) - Contains the one complete season (13 episodes), + 5 unaired episodes. Demon girl comes to small town..... 1 disc was played once. Fox 18545. $5.00

*** The Rite (UK Region Free PAL DVD) - Please note your player & tv must be able to play region free European format "PAL". Hard to find Ingmar Bergman film. Tartan UK 353528. $6.99

*** The Roaring Twenties DVD - Though they were both stars in the Warner Brothers Gangster films, this is one of the few Humphrey Bogart & James Cagney made together. Another essential for genre fans, this 1939 film also gets the full Warner "night at the movies" treatment with newsreels, cartoons, shorts & more. Warner 69082. $4.00

*** Saraband DVD - Liv Ullman & Erland Josephson star in this look at where the characters from Ingmar Bergman's Scenes From A Marriage might have ended up 20 years after Scenes. Good film. Sony 10898. $5.50

*** The Sarah Silverman Program Season 1 (sealed DVD) - 132 minutes from the Comedy Central hit show. Paramount 9690. $3.00

*** Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon (Sealed 2 DVD Set) - 10 television episodes. Series is set in the Canadian wilds. Timeless 66493/66503. $2.50

*** Sherlock Holmes DVD - Recent Robert Downey Jr remake is quite amusing/entertaining. Wide screen. Played once. Warner 08656. $3.99 

*** Sleeper Cell - American Terror - The Complete Second Season (Sealed 3 DVD Set) - 8 hour long episodes + extras from the Showtime series. Showtime 85139. $4.00 (3)

*** Sleepy Hollow DVD - Fun & Creepy take on the classic tale stars Johnny Depp & Christina Ricci. Widescreen. Paramount 32962. $2.50

*** Spin City: Michael J Fox His Favorite Episodes Volumes 1 & 2 (Sealed 4 DVD Set) - 22 episodes, 8 hours. Dreamworks 44032. $4.00

*** Summer With Monika (UK Region Free PAL DVD) - Please note your player & tv must be able to play region free European format "PAL". Hard to find Ingmar Bergman film. Tartan UK 339423. $6.99

*** Thirtysomething Season 1 Part 1 (Sealed DVD, possibly multi disc) - The packaging is larger then normal, but it doesn't state the number of discs. 10 episodes, 8 hours. Shout/MGM 52098. $3.00

*** TV Guide Presents Classic TV Variety Pack Volume 2 (Sealed 3 DVD Set) - 3 themed discs: 1. First Show From A Series with You Bet Your Life, The Cisco Kid & moiré; Classic Sci-FI with World Of Giants, Space Angel Cartoons, Johnny Jupiter & more; & Classic Kids Shows with Kit Carson, Sky King, Superman & more. Genius 71429. $2.50 

*** Underworld Evolution (DVD) - Sequel to one of the better (if not the best) of the recent Vampire movies/series, this one stars Kate Beckinsale as the good vampire who takes on the evil clan in the ancient vampires vs the werewolves saga. Entertaining. Widescreen "Special Edition", rated R, lots of extras. Screen Gems 14438. $2.50 

*** Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Sci-Fi Classic stars Peter Lorre & Joan Fontaine. Widescreen with lots of extras. Fox 44352. $4.50


VHS Video (USA NTSC Format)

Most of these are harder to find & out of print titles from my personal collection.

*** Assunta Spina VHS - 1914 Italian silent stars Francesca Bertini. Kino 04553. $4.00

*** Joyless Street VHS - Out of print in the USA. Classic 1925 German silent with a very young Greta Garbo, directed by George W Pabst. Great film. Kino 04553. $4.00

*** Maedchen In Uniform VHS - Classic original 1931 version of the great German film. Includes English Subtitles. Janus 0740. $4.00

*** Paris Waltz VHS Video - Stars Yvonne Printemps. Very hard to find 1948 Musical. French with English subs. Bel Canto 07343. $4.50

*** Roxy Music - The High Road VHS Video - Great concert; this is the full version. "Hi-Fi" Sound. 14 performances: Like A Hurricane, Editions Of You, Jealous Guy, Avalon, Out Of The BLue, more. Polygram 083375. $3.00 *** Rubber Rodeo - Scenic Views (VHS) - Super rare Sony "Video 45" includes 3 MTV clips: Anywhere With You, The Hardest Thing & How The West Was Won. "Cowpunk" 80's band deserved to "make it". Sony no catalog #. $4.00

*** Strange Interlude VHS - Possibly Norma Shearer's best. Co-Stars Clark Gable. Not available in the USA on factory pressed dvd (burned only). MGM 62632. $3.00

*** Student Prince Of Old Heidelberg VHS Video - Excellent silent melodrama from Ernst Lubitsch stars Norma Shearer. Very good print. Not available in the USA on factory pressed dvd (burned only). MGM 62160. $3.00

*** The Wagons Roll At Night VHS - Hard To Find Humphrey Bogart Classic. Warner 53533. $3.00 __________________________________________________________________________________ 

Now Playing List: Crosby Stills & Nash - Live 8/1/90. __________________________________________________________________________________

Thanks For Sharing Your Time With Us, & Hope To Hear From You Soon, 

                        Geff The Human & Georgy The Cat 



                        Original Artwork By John Ohannesian 1982

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