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Rest In Peace Dolly 5/?/10 - 1/5/17

I miss you sweetheart



Here's the newest members of the Dandylion Family, 

Georgy & Dolly

Here's 2 from 5/30/14. They didn't quite catch the Nero like mood, but..............


Here's a few from 2013-2014




Here's the latest pics from 9/12. We're fully grown!

here's some newer pictures from 9 &10/11

Please note the substance in the plate is cat nip!

Below are kitten pics from fall 2010

On August 7th (2010) they had a pet shelter adoption festival in my city called Woofstock. Since Sylvester has been gone almost 11 months, I decided to go look.

It's really hard to pick new lifetime friends from cages outdoors with loud music blaring & lots of Dogs, but the #1 criteria ended up being which one(s) seemed secure & content with me holding them. I was leaning towards only one, but my vet had told me if i got a kitten, I really needed two.

I first picked the black & white one's brother, but he quickly got sick of me. Then I definitely picked Georgy (the first name I gave him was Andreas meant as a pun on the name Terrorist (Andreas Baeder), but it just felt too weird & he became George/Georgy (curious George). He is a 2 month old shelter boy who had never been out of the shelter before. He's an absolute love, though not very smart. Also really rowdy; our house has been much happier since we got his claws trimmed, because he didn't understand he was hurting both me & his foster sister.

I can't believe his step sister was an after thought, because I now know she's such a love. I really didn't want any of George's litter mates, & the shelter who's booth I was at suggested I look at other litters. Dolly (3 month old female) had been briefly fostered due to minor (now resolved) health issues, & that family had mentioned that she had to have a playmate to be happy, so when she didn't struggle when I held her she became cat #2.

Ironically at first they didn't get along, Dolly was growling pretty constantly for 2 days, but it turned out the entire issue was his sharp claws & they are now madly in love with each other; in fact 3 month old Dolly acts like an adult most of the time when they're not playing & seems to have become little George's Mother.

They're both very fond of me (& it's mutual), but if i had to pick I'd say the boy is slightly more attached to me, but only slightly. I'm, as sure as can be that we're a family for good. Now I just need to learn how to actually sleep with 2 ROWDY kittens in the bedroom playing all night!

As the last pic shows, Dolly's favorite cat toy is my hair. George just thinks the entire world is one big cat toy! They're both also quite fond of pc keyboards.



And finally, in case you wonder why I never seem to get any work done anymore.........



                        Original Artwork By John Ohannesian 1982

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