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Here's Akiki, the New Bird of the house

Akiki (Ankole-African for friend) is still a baby but is quite self 
assured! She like to try new things and is learning to play and talk. 
She's a very gentle bird, especially for a poi (she can't open an almond 
on her own yet!) When Mom does something she doesn't like, she says, 
"Hey"! Her latest food sensation is candy canes.


My name is (now) Tinkerbird. My new mommy met me on Dec. 28, 2008 and I was introduced to her as Tinkerbell. We took to each other right away and I got to style her hair and get lots and lots of neck scritches and kisses from the start.

Mommy came to visit me almost everyday for about a month and we got to know each other and really care for one another.Then the rescue organization gave us the good news - I could go with her to my 'forever' home!

Mom was told my story: as a little chick I was sold to a woman as a "pet" for her young, teenage daughter (she's the one who named me Tinkerbell). After less than a year she grew bored with me and I sat in a cage for over a year, ignored. Oh,
I was fed and given water, but didn't have any toys and no one ever played with me. When I was about two, the mother gave me up to the parrot rescue because I wasn't pretty any longer (I was so bored I chewed off all my chest feathers).

Four years later, mom saw a poster about me and decided she wanted to give me a good home with lots of attention, toys, and love. She didn't even care that I was "feathered challenged" but seems to be happy that I'm letting my feathers grow
back - what can I say? I'm no longer bored! I think I have more toys than she does and she gives me lots of attention, love, and great treats! Of course, if I didn't have a 'sister' parrot (Akiki the Red Belly - we're both Poicephalus parrots) I'd get even
more attention, lol.

A couple of weeks ago she had blood work done for me to make sure I'm still healthy (I am!) and decided to go ahead and have me DNA sexed. Guess what? I'm a boy! She now calls me 'Tinkerbird" and says, "Good bird!" instead of "Good girl!
(she throws in the occasional "Good boy!" but slips every once in awhile and says "Good girl!", hee hee.

I was still pretty personable for a Sennie when mom met me, but living here with her I'm not as nippy and my eyes don't pin in agitation. One of the words I say (I learned it before I met mommy) is "stinker" - mom thinks it's appropriate occasionally,
but Uncle Geff thinks my name should be 'Stinkerbell' (just wait until I meet you and give you a surprise nip, Uncle . . .)


Emmet is a Senegal parrot with the perfect hatch date – April 1st (she’s a little clown, hence her name!)



M is basically a shy, quiet little bird who likes to sit on Carols shoulder cuddling while Carol is reading or watching T.V. - but watch out! M is under the impression that she’s a watch bird and will defend “mom” to the death whether she needs it or not

M  hasn’t decided whether to learn to speak English or to become a robot & mimic R2D2. She gives kisses real well, too!




                        Original Artwork By John Ohannesian 1982

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