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These are Mayree's Friends Charlie, Music,  & Wookie. She says, 

"Charlie is a bad-butt who came in off the streets who growls like a dog, but
it is mostly talk. he also likes my singing, particularly somewhere over
the rainbow. he has a knack for losing his collar, on purpose, and can lose
one a day with ease. somewhere there is a pile of them."


"This is Music. Her hobbies are smacking at Wookie's tail when he walks 
by, eating, supervising what everyone else is eating, eating some more, 
chasing her favorite hazelnut or almond around the kitchen floor, and 
complaining when it disappears under the refridgerator. She pretty much 
speaks English."


"Wookie Monster leaves a daily trail of stuffed animal stuffing outside of
his crate, resembling the bone-strewn den of a monster. Recently, after 4
months confined inside following surgery, he was feeling very frustrated by
a German Shepard that dared to walk past our house, and ate the head off his
stuffed German Shepard puppy that day. He is very ergonomic--you needn't
bend to reach him to pet his head."


"Darla Sue came back with me in October 2005 from Camp Katrina in 
Tylertown, a victim of the hurricane. One hip was broken in two places, 
her tail had been cut off, probably by falling sheet metal, she was 
emaciated, her fur had been burned off all over her belly and backside 
by toxic sludge, and of course, she had heartworm--and she is carrying a 
little bullet inside her ribs. We looked and looked and never found a 
previous home. So she stayed with us. And she has gotten plump and 
terribly naughty! She thinks of new fun ideas (like bathing in the 
neighbors pigpen) at least twice a week. Though she does 
understand--"We don't look at the kitties, we don't think about the 
kitties, the kitties don't exist for us."





                        Original Artwork By John Ohannesian 1982

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