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These are Barry's Fierce Cat Komang & His Evil ex-Chicken Nixon 

"Here's one of my cat, Komang. He's pretty fierce."


"The most recent name for this guy is "Nixon". The story is compelling, 
if you like good-looking bullies who dress well and attack everything in 
sight, causing constant upheaval in the henhouse society. We finally had to 
banish his bad self, and I took that picture on Sunday afternoon when I felt 
sorry for him and snatched him in mid-charge from a log in the back yard and 
brought him in for some popcorn and football. He failed to calm right down, 
so I switched to golf, and he flew to the back of a chair and crowed like a 
That evening we sent him off to live with an artist friend who has a trailer 
down by the Mad river and a broken back. We thought he needed some 
challenging company during his healing process (which is coming along 
fine). The last word on the story (you asked!) was on the phone today. Ken 
says the noisy little guy loves the porch and poohs on everything."





                        Original Artwork By John Ohannesian 1982

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