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This is Ann's mouser Sarah Jane. She says, 

Sarah Jane was 5 on July 10. She is a black and white polydactyl, with front
paws that look like she has on mittens. Her sisters are Hobbs and Roxanne, who
were off doing other important things when these pictures were taken. 

When she was a kitten, she liked to chase her
tail in the bathtub, and all sorts of other toys ended up there. Well, when
she and her sisters started catching live mice, they took them to the bathtub. 
I suspect it was Sarah Jane's idea - she's the smartest of the three. Anyway,
they do it on a regular basis. It works well for them - you can put the mouse
in the tub, and it will stay there. Unlike other toys, the mice run away if
you don't put them in the tub. So, on a semi regular basis, I get up in the
morning to a mouse in the tub. And I catch it in the wastebasket and dump it
outside. HOWEVER, the kids now know to get the mouse out of the tub before I
get up - I now get up to obvious evidence that a mouse has spent the night in
the bathtub. 





                        Original Artwork By John Ohannesian 1982

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