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These are Susie's Friends Mazi, Nellie Dear Prudence & Daphne. She says, 

Here's some photos of Mazi Wamukota, who is a Senegal parrot. He sleeps IN BED with me!


This is Nellie. She's a rescue, too, and has lived here for about 11 years, I believe. She sleeps at the foot of my bed and, in the morning, when Mazi crawls out from under the covers, he tries to play with my face, but if I keep on sleeping, he'll walk down to the end of the bed, and start tapping his beak on the bedspread (which makes absolutely NO noise), which is his way of asking Nellie to scratch him. She takes out her middle claw and scratches the top of his head, which he's already lowered to accommodate her.


This is Dear Prudence. She's a rescue cockatiel, and has lived here for one year, Right this minute, she's on top of my monitor, chirping away, and playing with my cursor.


This is sweet Daphne. She's a Schneider's skink, and Robert Altman gave her to my son, after he used her in "Short Cuts." Yes, even Daphne has a résumé!

She's about 15 years old, now, and just sweet, sweet, sweet.



                        Original Artwork By John Ohannesian 1982

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