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These are Bill's Cats Kibbles, Moonlight & Paddington. He says, 

"On the far left, orange tabby, Kibbles, who adopted us this year. He started appearing in our back yard and sneaking in to eat the food of our other two. A real sweethart, purrs, kneads, has an unfortunate habit of nipping people on the nose when really transported by good feelings! Kibbles prefers to be retired

Middle cat, Moonlight, grey tabby. He was a tiny kitten with BIG eyes and BIG ears and our son fell in love with him before the ASPCA's adoption table was even set up. When he was really little he'd curl up on with his warm tummy against my my bald spot- very cozy. He chases his tail, very energetic, used to love big action cat toys- felt birds on elastic strings, stretchy cloth streamers, he broke them all and we bought more. He likes to be where the action is and take a nap there if not participating

Right side, Paddington, black and white. She was adopted from the vet's. We got permission to take her, home for a test drive. She and Moonlight got along fine, both purring nose to nose within their first hour. My son didn't want to take her back, he begged for me to call the office and ask if we could keep her. She's a genuine princess, sleeps in the softest, warmest spots, keeps very tidy, makes really cute squeaky noises, very polite, sweet. She sleeps most nights with our son Benjamin, coming in to his room when he's in bed and safely committed to going asleep."





                        Original Artwork By John Ohannesian 1982

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