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Pied Pear - The Pear Of Pied Pumkin - New (NOT Sealed) Vinyl LP

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Pied Pear - The Pear Of Pied Pumkin - New Autographed Vinyl LP

Their last studio album (& last album period for 20+ years), this one again features Rick Scott & Joe Mock as a duo, with guest appearances by Shari Ulrich & Hometown Band Drummer Geoff Eyre, Bass Player Doug Edwards & Sax Player/Claire Lawrence. Highlights from this one include Salt My Song, Dancing
When He Did, Tapioca Pudding, Mt McKinley & more. Only 1 song from this
is on the greatest hits cd; the rest of this fine album is unavailable elsewhere. This is the hardest to find of the 4 PP albums; Shari thought she was completely out but we just got 2 more! Also autographed by Shari! Squash U2R#1. 

Featuring Shari Ulrich on violin & vocals, Rick Scott on dulcimer, vocals & much of the song writing & Joe Mock on guitar, vocals & song writing, The Pumpkin would have been right at home in 1960's San Francisco. Instead, they came at the the tail end of the Canadian progressive folk movement that also brought artists like Ian Tamblyn, Bruce Cockburn & David Wiffen. They combined a bit of the San Francisco hippy ethic & The UK silly folk ethic (Fairport Convention & friends) with some great song writing & playing (Shari is pretty much a virtuoso on violin), & a wonderful sense of humor. Throw in some tremendous harmonies and finally, add to that Rick's unique musical persona which could perhaps be described as being a bit similar to the Tubes Fee Waybill without Fee's dark side. What I can tell you is all 4 of their albums (especially the first 2 with Shari) were on my stereo constantly in the late 70's - mid 80's. If you're into well played, touching acoustic music with an innocence & great sense of humor, these all come highly recommended. We are currently offering all 4 Pied Pumpkin / Pied Pear albums; & Shari's first & third solo album. None of these have ever been on cd. 

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                        Original Artwork By John Ohannesian 1982

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