Dandylion Records is for sale. 

Other than the upcoming newsletter with pulls from my personal collection, the liquidation sales are over.

As of this writing, I have left approximately 40 dvd's (some are budget box sets), 7 blu-rays, 1 book & approximately 545 cd's.

If you are interested in purchasing the entire batch, I am offering them @ $1.00 each + shipping of your choice. Shipping costs may include a box or 2 (I have never shipped this quantity before & don't have large enough boxes), actual cost & a small handling fee (probably around $5). If you are interested, we'll work out the shipping.

This offer does not include the upcoming pulls from my collection or any of the Shari Ulrich consignment items.

You can view all titles & quantities (the number in parenthesis) at these links:


If I know you, I would potentially be willing to split both the payments & shipments into 2 (once a month). The stock is currently available individually at the listed liquidation prices, so quantity of titles may decline. I am updating the website with each sale.


                                                                        Geff (-:

If you have any serious interest, please email.